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Our country – Ukraine

Ukraine’s 7 wonders




The National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Kamianets”
Kamianets-Podilsky is a town which preserved a spirit of Middle Ages. Here you will see one of Ukraine’s biggest defensive installation, a fortress which occupies a leading place in world’s defensive construction history


The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

The Kyiv Pechersk Lavra is the Orthodox Monastery founded in 1051 by the monarchs Anthony and Theodosius in the caves at Bestovo summer residence near Kyiv...


The Khotyn’

A fortress which survived through the centuries and witnessed under its walls hordes of the Ottoman Empire soldiers, Mukha’s rebels, Dytynka’s people avenges, Dmytro Vyshnevetsky’s, Petro Doroshenko’s warriors...


Sofiyivka dendrological park

Sofiyivka Uman’ park represents a masterpiece and a pattern of world’s garden and park art of late XVIII and early XIX centuries. The park spreads on 154,7 hectares area at the edge of the ancient town of Uman’ in Cherkasy region...


Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv

Sophia Cathedral is a worldwide known architectural and monumental art monument of ХI century. Throughout the centuries Kyiv Sophia was the main sanctuary of Rus-Ukraine – the “Rus metropolitan”. The Cathedral being the main temple of the country served as a spiritual, political and cultural centre...


Khersones Tavriysky

Khersones Town was founded by the Old Greek colonizers more than 2500 years ago in the Southern Coast of Crimea. Today its ruins are one of Sevastopol’s most prominent monuments...



Khortytsia Island is the biggest island on the Dnieper River, its uniqueness is in rare combination of various natural complexes on the same territory – virgin steppes, small forest in steppe ravines and “plavni” forests, rock flora, rare and vanishing species of plants, geology monuments.



Ukraine’s 7 wonders           




Askaniya Nova

A virgin steppe Askaniya Nova is the only Europe’s area of fescue and feather grass steppe never touched by the plough – it has a huge scientific, cultural-research and practical value...


The Granite and Steppe Pobuzzhia (Southern Bug)

A true pearl for tourists is the Regional Landscape Park “The Granite and Steppe Pobuzzhia” located within limits of Pervomaisky, Domanivsky, Arbuzynsky, Voznesensky, Bratsky, Vradiyivsky districts of Mykolayiv region and in the area of Iuzhnoukrainsk Town...


The Dniester Canyon

The Diester River flows along the canyon like valley creating many fantastic bends - meanders. On the Dniester River mountains come so close to the river so they create a canyon, its bed being the river flow. In some places flows fall down from the steeper simple into the river turning into the picturesque waterfalls..


The Marbled Cave

The Marbled Cave is a unique cave by its beauty containing a complicated system of halls and galleries. The uniqueness of the Marbled Cave made it popular worldwide. According to famous speleologists it belongs to planet’s five most beautiful and best equipped caves...


The Podilski Tovtry

Tovtry are the remains of shore reefs stretched along older shore line. World has no its analogues but the UK and the USA have some similar by geological structure rocky chains of mountains...


The Svitiaz’ Lake

The Svitiaz’ Lake is Ukraine’s largest and deepest lake of natural origin. Svitiaz’ somehow looks like a sea, in a windy weather its waves reach a meter and a half height...


The Synevyr Lake

Synevyr - Transcarpathia’s largest lake which was created 10 thousand years ago on the height of 989 meters above sea level. The Synevyr Lake is fairly considered the most precious natural treasure of the National Park "Synevyr" and represents one of distinguishing features of the Ukrainian Carpathians...


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