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Treatment and recovery

TRUSKAVETS is one of the Western Ukraine’s biggest treatment centres, first of all famous for daedal properties of Naftusia mineral water. It becomes more and more popular not only for recovery but for rest especially with children. It specializes in treatment of intestinal tract, kidney, liver diseases.

MORSHYN is a small town, one of Ukraine’s most famous treatment and recovery resorts. Here are efficiently treated esophagus, gastric, liver, biliary tracts and other diseases. Peat mus and ozocerite are widely applied at the resort.

SKHIDNYTSIA is a small resort in Lviv region functioning as a balneal health resort since 1976. Skhidnytsia is mostly common for Naftusia mineral water. The resort ideally suits for a quiet family rest.

TRANSCARPATHIA (Zakarpattia) is a beautiful land with natural scenic areas which attracts tourists not only from Ukraine but from the whole world. This land is worldwide known for its mineral water sources, gardening and winegrowing. The resort’s main factor is its medium salt carbonic acid hydro- sodium water Poliana Kvasova and Poliana Kupel.


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